The Saskatchewan Horse Federation Hall of Fame was established in 2019 to honor and celebrate Saskatchewan residents and horses who significantly contributed to the growth and awareness of the role horses played in the province’s culture, agriculture, industry, and sport.

The Hall of Fame will consider nominations annually for individuals, couples, families, or horses who uniquely contributed to the many and varied aspects of equine or equestrian activity in the province’s history.

Inductees, through these contributions, may be nominated for their significant impact on early provincial agricultural development, or to recognize the significance and contribution to First Nations Culture, or for breeding, ownership, industry growth or animal welfare.

Others may be nominated for significant accomplishments in equestrian sports. These varied sports could range from rodeo to jumping, driving to racing, chuckwagons to roping, coaching to jockeys, grooms to competitors, penning to dressage – all manner of horse activity. 

Unique to SHF Hall of Fame is that Saskatchewan’s horses too will be acknowledged and recognized. Any breed or lineage may be nominated for significant contributions to the province’s cultural history, impact on agriculture or successes in equestrian sports.

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